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‘I lost 50 kg in 12 Months! Initially all I had to do was increase my activity levels and eat healthier and the weight dropped off, but then it just stopped. I contacted Sparta Personal Training and within 24 hours we had a plan in place to lose the rest of the weight and get me to my target. Then we just did it! Not only that we had fun doing it, we used a combination of strength training, boxing and a healthy eating plan and we smashed it! I would recommend Sparta Personal Training to anyone who is sick of trying to do it all alone, they really make you feel welcome, valued and part of a team that are all striving to better themselves!’     – Andrew 

After many years of eating an unbalanced diet, working excessive hours and generally not looking after myself I commenced training with Sparta in May 2015. In that time I have dropped several dress sizes, lost centimetres in all the right places and felt excellent and motivated for it. My trainer James was happy to provide dietary recommendations and after a small injury (sustained gardening!) has been overwhelmingly supportive with rehabilitation programs and working with my Physio to get me back on track. If you want somewhere to start, this is the place!     – Trish

‘I currently train with James from Sparta on a regular basis and I never know what to expect at every session. He keeps you guessing each time with new challenging exercises so training is never boring. James is highly motivated, enthusiastic and a devoted trainer to his clients who truly inspires and motivates you to push yourself even when you think you have nothing left to ensure you achieve your best! I admire James’ dedication, professionalism and motivation towards helping me achieve my goals topped with his expertise and skills in both training and nutrition. With his cool and calm personality, you can ask him anything fitness related to assist you with your own personal goals, whether it be to tone up, get back into shape, keep fit, or burn fat. I Highly recommend James to friends and family or anyone looking for a genuine personal trainer.’     – Chris

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