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Team Sparta specialists in achieving fitness goals through the use of Boxing.

The main reason this has been so successful is very simple, it’s FUN! It’s basic human nature to want to pursue activities that are fun and if you’re looking forward to doing something, you won’t skip it. It’s this concept that we use to our advantage to ensure the initial enthusiasm everyone feels once they decide to follow an exercise regime, doesn’t diminish over time, instead it builds!

Psychological Benefits Of Boxing

Boxing training is rewarding in so many ways, the physical benefits are well known and widely publicised, but it’s the psychological benefits that we believe are the building blocks for results. Once someone makes the decision to take up boxing training they start learning something new, the art of boxing.

We don’t just ask our clients to hit bags or pads randomly the whole time, we teach every aspect of the art, focusing heavily on footwork, stance, correct guard, movement (both laterally and changing levels), speed, accuracy and power. Learning to box keeps people engaged and is hugely rewarding as you see yourself improving and developing week to week.

Studies have shown that boxing training is one of the most effective tools in stress relief. Every single one of our client’s report feeling less stressed following a boxing session. The body releases endorphins while exercising and in combination with the amount of focus boxing requires and being able to hit something!! (In a safe environment) the result in a monumental stress release.

Physical Benefits Of Boxing

On top of all those Psychological advantages, there is the fact that Boxing is a very demanding physical activity, you will burn more fat during a Boxing class than you would doing most other activities in the gym. The vast amount of rotational movement will strengthen and stabilize your core tremendously. Boxing training uses numerous muscles simultaneously which can vastly improve conditioning and result in a toned and defined appearance. Because boxing training is such a great cardiovascular workout the heart and lungs will get stronger very quickly, making other day to day activities and sports feel easier.

Boxing training is one long continuous dynamic flow which can have a profound effect on flexibility and mobility. The body will become more maneuverable which will transition over into other activities and everyday life.

If the thought of attempting boxing training is a daunting prospect for you we urge you to take a leap of faith and come for a FREE TRIAL SESSION, we have worked with all ability levels from professional boxers to people who have never even thought about learning to box, let alone strapped on the gloves and hit the pads.

Team Sparta is Located in Corinda, Brisbane. near Oxley, Graceville, Sherwood, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Yeerongpilly

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