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Hey guys it’s James here, founder of Team Sparta, located in Corinda, South West Brisbane. Just a little bit about my own personal journey, i’m originally from Sheffield, England and relocated to Brisbane in 2014 to pursue a full time career in personal training. I left a successful and well paid job in Architecture to turn my passion into my profession.

Grass Roots

My health and Fitness obsession stems from always having an active interest in sports from a young age. My main passion been Football (Soccer) as with most kids in England. Going into my teens I developed a love for boxing, and idolised the greats of the time, like Mike Tyson and Prince Naseem Hamed. It wasn’t until I met a friend of mine who was a professional boxer that I considered giving it a go myself. One day he dragged me to his gym and I still remember the smell, noise of the heavy bags and the fear I felt, to this day. I was hooked, and for years to come I would train there.

I was lucky enough to begin training at the world famous St Thomas boxing gym at a time of great success, and had the privilege to train alongside then world champions Junior Witter and Johnny Nelson. Coincidentally it was that very gym where our trainer Brendan Ingle coached my Idol Naseem Hamed from a young kid, to an international superstar who took the boxing world by storm in the 90’s.

Introduction To Gym Life

Boxing gave me the courage to try other forms of martial arts and I took a particular liking to Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, although completely different to boxing, both required a combination of Strength, Skill & Endurance. It was during these years that I decided I needed to become a bit bigger and stronger and I began weight training. It immediately fascinated me how both my performance and aesthetics improved as a direct result of this,  I became a student of the art, frantically researching the most effective training tools and techniques. Over the years that I  spent at various gyms, from the ‘spit and sawdust’ type, to athletic training facilities, crossfit boxes and big box commercial gyms, I gradually crept from 59 kg to a lean 80 kg. I also learned how to balance strength training with competing in demanding sports, and how to manipulate and modify programs to complement and improve other activities.

Helping others achieve a greater level of health & fitness and witnessing their progression is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, there are many different ways to achieve a goal, but it’s our job to sift through the fads and fashions and program the most efficient method to enable each individual client achieve their own specific goals.

It’s upon these firm beliefs that Team Sparta was born…


AS Level In Sport & Physical Education

Certificate 3 & 4 In Fitness

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer



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